Lee Park is an irreplaceable cultural and natural resource for the citizens of Petersburg and Southside Virginia. Preserving and protecting this valuable resource will only be achieved through the creation of a local culture built around the ideas of sustainability and active conservation. The Willcox Watershed Conservancy has taken the leadership role in building this culture through on-site education and action programs that bring the community together to help learn about the Park and how to be good stewards of this land for future generations.


Community Stewardship:

Lee Park belongs to all of us. It may be owned by the City of Petersburg, but its future is in our hands. Through the restoration and preservation work at Lee Park, the Willcox Watershed Conservancy will be strengthening community ties and helping our leaders to see the value inherent in our community’s natural and historic resources. Restoring Lee Park as a community, will allow us to raise the quality of life for all residents of Petersburg and its neighbors.


Sustainable Practices:

a-e-120-aSustainable practices are not lofty ideas that cost a lot of money. They are really just smart ideas that make good sense when you stop and think about them. A bit of planning ahead of time can make resources go further and reduce work and negative impacts down the road. As the Willcox Watershed Conservancy continues its work restoring and preserving Lee Park, we will be sharing ideas with you. Letting you know what works and what we are trying as we build the community of support that will be necessary for the park’s sustainable future.


With Willcox Lake, rich plant and animal habitats and plenty of connecting trails throughout the park, Lee Park is a ready made outdoor classroom where students and teachers can explore and study the parks natural and cultural resources. Contact us if you are interested in arranging for visit with your class or organization and we’ll help make your visit exciting and memorable.


What YOU can do:

a-c-518-a-2Get involved. You’ll love the feeling of working with others to give back something of value to the community. There are many opportunities to volunteer at the park on clean up projects, construction projects or trail and building projects. But mostly, come on out, bring family and friends, and use the park. If you are interested in volunteering or offering support with out efforts to restore Lee Park contact us. We’ll be sure to take you up on the offer.